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Stop Pinning For The Horizons And Know All The Magic That Sits Right In Front Of You

I know we’re all meant to be very au fait with the whole ‘journey’ thing being the best bit, but it’s a little like work/life balance or mother’s guilt – our logical brains understand these things are ludicrous…but do we? Deep down? Really believe them? As in, if you run your own ship, do you find yourself set in the 9am-5pm and if it strays, feeling put out? You’ve not seen your kid properly for a few days, admit it, you definitely think about them recounting their earlier lives to a phycologist at some point!? Or, one day, this will all be over and somehow the future does involve ‘the best bit’! I know it to be true, as I do all of the above. I think possibly the new wiring will take a lifetime to bed in. So, even though I can find myself in what I call ‘my past mindset’, I like to think, I’ve moved mostly into a new era of thought.
I’ve woken up each morning so far this week, at 6.30am and as I stretch, I start typing my post, but I’m not working – I’m writing! My new found passion in life and I GET TO DO IT EVERY SINGLE DAY! I don’t see Harry much in the mornings, but as I’m typing, he brings me my dishwasher tea (he’s getting better!) and we have a good cuddle. But, Saturday mornings cuddled in bed, we have ‘our time’. Intense chats about his love life, Game of Thrones and how utterly unsuitable it is for him (!) and he asks me all about Holly & Co, which normally ends with a chat about how quickly he can sit next to me! And today, I’ve jumped out of bed, like I do most days (as if it is Christmas) because I’m living my fullest, creative life right now. Planning the Congregation, moving offices, dreaming of next yr and what we’re launching. The days, where money was the comforter, are long gone. The greatest riches are being ‘seen’ for who you really are and walking the planet as your gloriously, colourful and authentic self. I see this, most days, and for that I’m grateful. Thank you, Petra, for your words inspiring this post.

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