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Strength in numbers

Small and steady wins the race. My name as I grew up was Holly Hurricane and big, bold and NOW was everything I was about. But, I have learnt from my journey in life and business, that it’s the chipping away that can lead to your destiny. The small but constant steps, that gets you to where you want to be. However long, however hard and however many people try and knock you down… they can’t stop ‘a calling’. 

Movements of people all around the world are showing us that we’re so much stronger when we’re together. From the digital micro-revolutions, we see in the forms of petitions and groups, to the protests on our streets, to the colourful maker communities, many of you are a part of. When quiet voices join together to become a booming, brilliant choir, we can get our messages heard loud and clear; because we have the support of each other, the power of ‘us’.

As soon as I saw this brilliant print by Lucky Budgie, I just knew we had to stock it at the Work/Shop. A beautiful way to remind us all of our strength, in numbers ❤️

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