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Strike of inspiration

Awake since 5 am this morning thanks to the brain turning on at 100mph prior to the alarm sounding. It’s as if my brain thought it was Christmas! You know that feeling? Well, I hope you do, as I still can’t help wake at crazy hours on Christmas morning thanks to the excitement of what is pending.
I went to sleep thinking about a problem and as I opened my eyes, the brain had figured it out. Yesterday, I felt very inspired by lots of things. Felt very full and I must have dreamt at a heightened state of being inspired. The match was struck.
The thing about being inspired is you have to do something with it! Because inspiration without action is the same as no inspiration at all! The action is what brings inspiration to life. Without action, inspiration is merely a figment of your imagination – no more real than our dreams.

So I’ve done a few hours already, working on that inspiration, dream, brain spark and I’m turning it all into action! I wish you all as much of an inspirational and sparky day as I think I’m about to have! Eeekkk! Oh and btw, this was actually a gift (well there were 10 in the packet!) made by my @gabriellamunrodouglas for my Xmas, along with so many other genius and handmade goodies. How lucky am I?

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