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support small businesses and vote with your money

So proud to be sharing creativity that allows us all to spread much-needed support for small businesses across our country – The Independents.

There’s such power in money and yet we normally hear only about the wrongdoing it does and the self-centeredness it creates. But money, used in the right way, is the single biggest ‘power’ anyone has. It’s bigger and more powerful than all the armies in the world put together. Money gives you the ability to change anything you want. And so that is why with my campaign #camapignshopindependent I encourage everyone to use their hard precious money to cast a vote, for the type of world you want to live in.

So, if you’re reading this as a small business, please share this post with as many small businesses as you know including the hashtag#campaignshopindependent and if you’re someone who loves small businesses, I equally ask you to share and think about this – could you only ‘shop small’ this Christmas?

I asked dear and talented @alicegabb if she would take her lettering skills and create something exclusively for this campaign and look what I was so lucky to get back! Please share away and help us – we need you!

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