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Support The Independents

Bonjour mes amis!

What a beautiful day it is in Paris and off to grab an almond croissant or two! Late-night! Late morning start!

I’m so inspired every time I come to this beautiful city, retail is ALL about supporting the independents, from the family bakery you buy your morning croissant and baguette from, to the specialist shops selling only that ‘one thing’ but doing it so beautifully and merchandising it with care, to the local restaurant where you meet the whole family when you go for supper. Don’t get me started on the farmer’s markets!

It reminded me of what Charlie Gladstone said on my latest podcast: “Weekly markets are game-changers that we need to do in the UK, when you look at France it’s so inspiring. That is something that would be a game-changer for Independents” He spoke about the specialist farmers that were experts in growing ‘one thing’ and that was their utter passion.

I’ve got my French market bag lovingly embroidered by one of the Holly & Co team with the phrase ‘Soutenir Les Independants’ – (Support the Independents!) The campaign trail has now hit Europe!

Have a lovely weekend everyone – and for those makers/ small businesses that are FULL on right now!

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