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Support your sisters

I read this quote recently, and it really struck a chord with me  I wouldn’t be where I am in life or business, without the support of incredible women who were, and are, the wind beneath my wings . I’ve only been able to fly so high because they’ve given me the strength to . I can’t help but feel like the world would be a more amazing place if we raised each other up , instead of kicking ladders down.

We’re gearing up to change the work/shop for our next theme, which I’m so excited about. March is all about celebrating, supporting and empowering women . I’m looking forward to encouraging honest conversations about some big topics that I know will resonate with many of you. Watch this space and why not pick a special lady and just show her how much she means to you? X


  1. Katy Barnes

    This quote & article really strikes a chord with me too. And, as a woman working in a corporate environment currently I can honestly say I can’t name one woman who has helped me to get where I am. I can only tell you about the women who have showed me who I don’t want to be. I think that women helping women is the number one challenge in the corporate world and actually what makes many of us seek a community like small business, or classes, or NCT, or supper club as a sanctuary. It really is lonely at the ‘top’ or should I say as you progress into Management levels in a large corporate. I think remembering this mantra and being a ‘women helping women evangelist’ is my purpose in this chapter of my life!

  2. Holly Tucker

    Oh Katy, thank you for sharing your story. It's amazing of you to speak out. My hope is that, if more of us raise our voices, the less of this 'ladder kicking' we'll see. Well done you on getting to where you are without help, and for being an advocate for the sisterhood! Love, Holly X

  3. Rachel Hutchinson

    I run my own small business, Patch, and go to a lot of local networking groups in the South Manchester/Cheshire area, most of which are for women. The support I get from these groups is immense, and one of the best is Busy Bees, run in Hale and Chorlton. Caroline Evers, who runs it, does so much to help build up and support women who are running their own small businesses, by running weekly networking groups with different marketing themes. These highly practical sessions allow us to help each other, gain support and grow - so vital in the often very lonely world of running your own business.

  4. Holly Tucker

    Hi Rachel, that's so wonderful to hear. I think it's so important, now more than ever, to move things back into the 'real' world, and have these sorts of tangible events. They're so helpful, exactly like you say X

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