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Supporting Handmade

One of our missions with #campaignshopsmall is to support handmade??. The more and more we grow this business, the more and more we realise, that this is central to small businesses success. It’s also what we now know the customer associates with small business, and loves ♥️. The moment us ‘small’ businesses try and act like ‘big’ businesses and start to loose the colour in what we create – then the grey starts to seep in. If we’re buying from from the fountain of where everyone can drink (fellow small businesses or large) we loose the power and our magical usp??✨. Too often I see the grey seep in; the handmade, hand created/crafted or curated drift away. To be replaced with what I could find on the high street. 
The power, the magic, the future is in creating things that only you could. Protecting those ideas (more on that later!) and then driving awareness properly and that’s where behaving like the big boys comes into play. 

It’s not doing what they do and then not shouting about it. It’s doing what they can’t do and then associating yourself with those who have the power to shout about it, or making and building your own megaphones?. This beautiful embroidery is the perfect example! Thank you Modo Creative, your piece is a perfect part of our manifesto wall and has been complimented so much by the Work/Shop customers.

If you’re able to, please do visit us at the Work/Shop and experience the campaign for yourself. It’s so empowering seeing the outpouring of love, passion and messages from incredible small businesses; not to mention tasty, if you treat yourself to a cake! If you’d like to make a piece for the wall, or share your brilliant campaign artwork with us, pop an email to, we’d love to hear from you✨?????

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