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Supporting Small

In 2017 there were 5.7M small & micro businesses in the UK. And would you believe, that’s 99% of all businesses! But why do I go on sooooooo much about these amazing people? Why do I support small business? Why should we all support small? Here’s just a few reasons:

  • Your pound goes further: Every time you spend money with the little guys, your money goes to a good cause. The coin you share, charges that business to be able to make the next step in their journey.
  • You support good: Making the choice to shop small, means the business owner can not only grow their business, but they can support their family. They can maybe have enough, to buy Tom that drum kit he’s always dreamt of for Christmas.
  • You encourage community: No doubt they’re involved in their community or are on the high street, and so, your belief, also supports your community. Any community needs help these days. Let’s remember the power and importance of having somewhere you belong to.
  • You are dealing with an actual expert: Just ask them a question, any question, and you’ll get such a rich answer. They know what they’re doing. It’s taken forever to get to this point.How many experts do you know?
  • You’ll be cared for: Not like the giants, these guys live and breath on the fact that you’re happy.So they’ll give you so much more in experience, customer service and all over love. You really matter to them.
  • You support creativity: Surely we want more excitement and more colour. We love to be surprised with products and services we’ve never seen before? Isn’t it just so much more interesting to live, with people who bring us ‘new’ and imagination? There’s no single group that does this more, than small creative businesses.

I could go on and on, but I suppose I just wanted to remind us (whether you run a small business or not) why small business is essential. That if this is your everyday, you’re vital to the entire eco structure of our lives. And if you don’t, how important it is, that we all think about the power of your pound coin, and carefully place it, with those who’ll do the most with it.
That concludes my party political broadcast from the offices of the – Cheerleader of Small Business!

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