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Take Care Of Our World

As millions of children across the world strike today (and every Friday) following in the footsteps of 16 yr old Swedish activist Greta Thunberg and join #fridaysforfuture ? I want to talk about eco-anxiety.
A relatively new term defined in 2017 as ‘a chronic fear of environmental doom’, eco-anxiety is a very real issue and experts are beginning to notice the impact it’s having. School students have become some of the most vocal?climate change supporters and numerous articles raise concerns of the anxiety surrounding this leading to a “learned helplessness” or an attitude of “what’s the point if it’s all so dire” – a crippling feeling of powerlessness?
We’ve just started our B Corp journey at Holly & Co and are only just scratching the surface on everything this covers – I’m so excited to be doing it, but it’s incredibly daunting! I do sometimes feel that, as a small business, we’re expected to behave far more responsibly than bigger companies who have substantially more resources to hand!
As a small business, you feel overwhelmed and as though you should have ticked every box and yet the big corporations around are doing nothing to kerb their far more damaging contribution. Having recently been made to feel like we’re doing more harm than good, I wanted to share a few ideas about sharing opinions:

?Don’t shame individuals and small businesses
?Do what YOU can, no matter how small it may seem
?Spread the word and awareness, in a friendly way
Because we can all play a part, no matter how small, and we should – but not at the detriment of our mental health!
Don’t get me wrong, I adore Greta and what she is doing, her passion and commitment at just 16 yrs old is hugely inspiring and admirable, but, to paraphrase something Kelly Holmes said on the podcast this week, “not everyone has to be a leader, and if you can do your best at your part of the puzzle, you should take pride in that and do your best at being the best version of yourself”.

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