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take time to reflect

Take time to reflect

I woke up this morning wondering if that week actually happened! It was fast! It was exciting! I met people who I’ve been longing to meet for years, I had heart to hearts with those I admire and I was brave.

When I think, that it was all packed into 5 little days, it takes my breath away. It’s the joy of running your own destiny, the fact that you control what you do. You can reach out to anyone you like, or collaborate with those you admire. Create what comes into your mind or pick up the phone to an opportunity. If you want to turn right, you can just do exactly that.

It can be exhausting (my body is certainly feeling it today), but it’s a happy bag of bones. As I never take for granted, the choices I get to make.

I went across the country this week and it really brought today’s feelings to life. There I was, sat on trains and tubes for hours, looking at the rate race around me; the grey faces of menotomy. I couldn’t help thinking, how many people would give a great proportion of their salary to not be sitting on that seat, travelling on that train and going to that job. Of course, like I didn’t for years, you sometimes don’t have a choice, but it really made me very grateful for the life that I live. It made me want to help people, who might of appeared grey, but colour was actually bursting in their mind, as they dreamt of their own little business.

So, today is a day to reflect on chats I’ve had, people I’ve met and decisions I’ve taken. It’s a good day. I wish you just the same X

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