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Take Time To Reflect

I always say it, so I don’t know why it surprises me each time, but taking time out and standing on the outside looking in is such a great thing to do. I hadn’t realised how ‘in’ I was on everything and how much I needed that time to reflect, all be it in a sick bed! I took tons out of my diary, made rules I need to stick to, created lists, arranged meetings and scribbled my dreams and plans all out on tons and tons of A3 paper! I know so many of you are away and I’m loving watching you all take time with your family. Take a moment if you can, to reflect and work out how you will be more productive, more efficient, more crazy, more bold, more focused, more ambitious on your return. Photo from one of our newly refurbished bathrooms within the @hollyandcoworkshop. Adorned by our exclusive ‘Shop Independent’ print by @rebecca_strickson_illustration (which we made into tiles) and our wonderful vintage mirror that our dear @mendyourhead worked his magic on

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