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Take what you need

Sometimes we’re faced with the unknown; trying to tame this beast can be at best challenging, and at worst, all out terrifying!

This feeling of not knowing can also pave the way to some of the best decisions you’ve ever made, the best work you’ve ever done. 

All you need is the courage to say ‘what if’. I’m working with some amazing people who are taking scary steps each day. Trying to change direction and follow what they know to be right. So many things can be thrown at them and usually it’s by those more scared than themselves.

But, I know if this backpack is filled daily with courage, gut and a compass of truth, this will be the only armoury needed. That magic is just around the corner.

Courage, dear heart ❤️

Ps. This was stuck outside the Holly & Co Work/Shop and everything was taken within an hour!

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