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Taking time to reflect

Taking a break from things always gives me time to reflect, especially getting away from home for a little while.  I feel eternally lucky, because every day I go to work in the most beautiful place, to do a ‘job’ I adore, around people that I treasure. My greatest wish, is that I can help other people do exactly the same, and live their very own ‘Good Lives’. Don’t get me wrong, we all know behind this smile and Insta picture – there is the less polished person, building a dream where the nuts and bolts are flying off!

Just before I got away for a few days, things were starting to build up and that fog started to descend. Where the company was running me, and I not it. At the start of the journey many years ago, my inexperience told me that this was part and parcel, of being a great boss; building something amazing. The thing is – now I realise that without me in a good place, energised and able to tackle the hard things – your business is unsustainable longterm. No ability to build a ‘Good & Long Life’ company if the engine will clap out one day. So even though I wanted to stay and crack on, I didn’t moan. I got in the car and took myself to a place where I could clear the cobwebs.

And yes, there is no such thing as not working when you are away, if you run your own business. This is what we signed up for. But as long as you treat this journey as a ‘whole’ and don’t try and divide into carefully managed slices (impossible btw!) – the highs make all the sacrifice worth it.

So here’s to you, the dreamers, dabblers and doers. Keep building dreams and striving for that ‘whole life’ where you control your own destiny XX

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