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When on earth did Christmas become a women’s job?

This quote has always really made me laugh and I think I find it so funny (as in crazy women laughing unattractively and uncontrollably) because basically, it’s factually correct! How many of us are there limping to the finish line of this year and then somehow you realise you’ve actually just got to run a quick marathon (Christmas) and only then you can ‘stop’!

Just tell me, when on earth did Christmas become a women’s job? Honestly, at the grand age of 41, I’ve really sort of had it! I reflected and thought that maybe it’s the monotony of it all? The fact I’ve been doing my own Christmas since the age of 20, and so that’s 21 years of the same routine! Or is it my gift list of 60 compared to his list of 5? Might it be the 20 cards I send our religiously, to never receive one back from certain recipients? As you can imagine, I’m only about giving and not receiving..but is there a point I get the message? Oh, it could go on and on and Ho, Ho, Ho…on!

All I know, is I find myself in my home office which is now Santa’s grotto as there isn’t an inch I do not have to wrap in some way. At the same time, my work to-do list is pressing and all I want to do is try and break up, with the possibility of having a full week off. Just one week to stop from it all. I also btw have moments of rewiring the brain  and making sure I appreciate each gift I wrap as I’ve spent time thinking about these people and I love them and so Christmas is also a moment for me to express my gratitude or love for another…which sort of seems up my street! So this morning, I’m going to concentrate on the end of the post and maybe think  about how much I care for those I’m giving to and not the ‘operational’ aspects of this festive season! Just thought I’d shout out to any other women (with Sellotape in their hair) who’s feeling like they too didn’t ask Father Christmas for a bloody marathon! You’re not alone and as ever, we’ll get through it and love all the precious moments Christmas gives us (thank you Mother Nature!) 

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