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Thank you mum

I remember realising, in a real lightbulb moment, my mum had run a small business back in the 70’s. She created a company with her dear friend Sue making the sweetest, most tasteful, children’s clothing called Hollyhocks. You’d think I’d have realised this as I built! But, as soon as I recalled this brilliant memory, it shocked me what a similar, full on and challenging journey she’d had, first-hand, to all the businesses that we now supported.

Two young children and a husband working abroad, she’d struggle with the day’s logistics, whilst trying to set up a business. Visiting fabric wholesalers with us in tow, begging for childcare so she could have meetings with retailers. Designing and pattern making late into the night with absolutely zero technology to help with anything! It was an exhausting existence, but as she said, she wouldn’t have changed it for the world.

It gave her purpose and direction in her life. It gave her, her very own bubble. Those beautiful moment as you tuck yourself up in bed trying to drift off and yet your mind is still so in love with your day, it carries on building.

So, when we both found this image of us all, in one of her amazing scrapbooks, top to toe in Hollyhocks clothing – it really touched me. I can imagine when this photo was taken, it was one of those ‘pinch yourself’ moments, where she would have been so proud. A mother, a business woman, a wife – the epicentre of all our worlds, then and always.

A post dedicated to all mums who’ve inspired their daughters through showing us, how it’s done. No moaning, just sheer hard work and determination in a world that would have been far more difficult to operate in. You show us what it really means to be a free spirit, original and unconventional. Thank you mum.

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