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The art of ‘no’

Why is it so difficult to say that two letter word, ‘no’? As children, we were taught that the saying no was rude or impolite, so perhaps it’s this feeling that has crept into the back of our minds as adults. 

The problem with ‘no’ arises in many ways – perhaps it’s a fear of voicing your own opinion, a desire to please people, the need to feel like you know best. Often, we are so consumed with the fear of saying no that we step mindlessly into situations that perhaps we’re not comfortable with, not to mention putting ourselves through the worry and stress that accompanies them. 

At the heart of every ‘yes’ is the fear of not appearing agreeable, and the worry disappointing someone. I’ve seen this happen so many times; the well meaning answers that would change completely if those people had the confidence to speak their minds more. One of the most empowering things we can learn to do, both in our personal and professional lives, is learn to say no. Every ‘no’ is another step towards you knowing your own value, and having unshakable belief in the worth of your opinion.

It’s time to stop feeling trapped in the ‘yes’ prison and free ourselves, into the world of ‘no’!

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