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Discovering the secrets of Happiness

A poignant moment at Notonthehighstreet was delivering a speech to all staff about the importance of being different and how the joy of life, is to be different and that included business.

I told a story about Bhutan, where they didn’t measure the success of the country by how much money and power it had, but by the happiness of the people! The phrase ‘gross national happiness’ (GNH) was first coined by the King of Bhutan in 1972 when he declared it was more important than Gross Domestic Product (GDP).” The concept was about how sustainable development should take a holistic approach towards notions of progress. It wasn’t all about the money!

Fast forward to Holly & Co, and how important Kintsugi is to our business (hence the logo having elements of gold) which is about being broken and beautiful. Where your cracks are mended in gold due to the ancient belief that the scars we bear make us wiser and that wisdom in Japan, is more important than beauty.

I only connect the dots looking back, but the art of happiness has followed my business career and I believe it’s integral in how we form our companies. So you can imagine my surprise and delight when a neighbour of mine spoke about her very clever niece @mshelenrussell who was the author of the bestselling book ‘Year of Living Danishly’ and now ‘The Atlas of Happiness’ which discovering the secrets of happiness from 30 countries! An encyclopaedic guide to being happy discusses examples of well-being and lifestyle choices such as Ikigai, Hygge, Lagom, Fika!

I have never heard of some of the ‘happy ways’ before and can’t wait to discover the Chinese concept of ‘xing fu’, which is finding your ultimate purpose, or the Italian art of ‘dolce far niente’, which is basically doing nothing but relaxing or be inspired by Icelanders and get some ‘Thetta reddest’, the unwavering belief that everything will work out in the end

The second I heard this, I knew we had to stock it! And before I could, I kindly got a signed copy delivered to my doorstep, which I have not put down yet! Thank you, Helen! It and what you have written makes me so happy!

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