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Holly Frank Holiday

The Best Break

Getting ready for my week ahead and reflecting on my little break. It made me smile, as it was not only a great holiday, it was such a lovely time for Frank and I. For those of you who run your own ships, you’ll know what a strain it can put on your relationship. Frank not only went through the setting up of NOTHS and then the rollercoaster journey I then was on, but now he stands by my side, as I create Holly & Co. Only he and I, really know the toll that my entrepreneurism has had on us, but we’re still standing strong. When the weight of ‘everything; rests on your shoulders, it causes real pressure. And that’s felt most, by the person by your side. I found myself smiling today, as each night, we’d go for our pre supper drink and we’d chat about the exciting developments at Holly & Co. As ever, he listened and was so enthused by my energy. He’d give me a cuddle and congratulate me. He knows my mission is my life and he wishes me nothing, but the stars. He and I remember, only too well, how he’s had to pick me up off the floor too many times, over the last 4 years, and so for him to see me, this happy – makes him full. I’ve know this man for 22 years and we’re just about to celebrate 16 years as a couple. A lifetime. It’s been hellish at times, but the good that’s coming out of doing something so meaningful, is rubbing its magic fairy dust, over us as a couple. We are stronger than ever, united in love and happiness. I couldn’t do this next chapter without him and I count my lucky stars for his love and support. Dedicating this post to him, and all the partners by our sides. The people who prop us up, wipe our tears and tell us ‘we can do this’. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts X

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