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The Commute

The beauty of commuting.

For many years, I had a commute that took 1.5 hrs each way. I drove, walked, trained, walked, tubed, walked and arrived! Never able to socialise without a serious logistical plan that would normally end up sleeping on someone’s sofa. I did it and it became normal. But even though it becomes normal, let’s face it, normal isn’t enjoyable. The armpits, the sweat, the aggression, the delays and all of this at the end of a very long, tiring day.

I hadn’t really thought of the commute when we set up NOTHS. We looked at a map and drew a circle around our homes, Richmond was where our circles intercepted. We knew there was going to be a need to work late (little did we know how much!) and the ability to get home quick to see the kids. So looking back, I’ve not had a ‘normal’ commute for nearly 10 years. They’ve consisted of short car journeys or bike rides but always had an ability to walk along the river to whatever office we were in.

Now in my new chapter, I get to start all over again and act like many other business by starting from home. So now my morning commute is a 1.5 hr walk with Mr Mudley, where I arrive back at ‘my’ door, as if I had just turned up for work! Frank lets me in and there my beautiful day starts.

This has got to be one of the biggest ‘ticks’ running your own business. It certainly is one of the huge draws for people dreaming of their own enterprise. So cheers to us who can walk to work, balloons in hand (couldn’t resist) wearing flip flops, slippers, bare feet or glittery trainers!

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