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The future is female

Hear, hear! But in addition, a woman’s place is wherever she wants it to be. If she wants to be around the stove, the kids, the small business, the big business or a board table – it’s her right. 

If we’re talking specifically about tables that really important people sit around, of course, ‘she’ should be there. You would have heard the noise about the FTSE 100 and how few women hold seats. Their aim is to try and get 33% of seats held by women by 2020 and they sit at 28% now. What I find utterly mind boggling is how businesses where women are the main consumer, find it totally acceptable to have mostly male board members. When you think that the woman is the CEO of the household, spending over 90% of the household income – it is staggering one can be so blind to such opportunity. 

I am very comfortable around a board table. Being a CEO, Chairwomen, Director or any other official title – I’ve held these titles in my lifetime for long stretches. But, what I’m increasingly bored by….is the lack of respect to what a board table is actually meant to be about. It’s a table, where people come together with different disciplines and skills for the common good of the business. Where the hard things get tackled and the support is given to those in need. The entire board is held liable for the consequences of the businesses policies, actions, and failures to act. 

Three times this week, I’ve spoken to women who sit around this god like table and the complexities. One from a medical industry, one food for kids and another marketing. Those meetings really left me feeling that I wished the tables could speak like the magical ‘Sorting Hat’ in Harry Potter and would only allow those who truly deserved a seat, to pull up a pew. 

So, unfortunately we’re not at a point, where jumpers like I’m wearing (created by the amazing Fequals) aren’t required! I’m interested to hear what you think about this age old subject, do share your thoughts below…

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