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The Future

One of the most unexpected things I’ve noticed so far in having a physical space, is my love of meeting all the children who visit us. Not just the adorable little ones, who sit in our special baby seats. But the toddlers, the tweens and the teens. Each age range has fascinated me and I’m utterly inspired with the thoughts on how we can offer help and guidance to bring colour, to their worlds. A world that sometimes  might look quite linear, grey and pre planned.

When asked what I wanted to do from a young age, the answer was always around being a nursery teacher. I was babysitting and au-pairing from a very young age and wanted children far too young! When my Harry arrived, I felt more complete than just in the ‘mothers’ department – I felt whole. I am at my happiest with lots of Harry’s friends in the house and listening to the squeals of delight or the latest ‘cool word’ that gets thrown around 100 times a day!

As I’ve openly admitted, was my second child (literally) and left me with only one child at home. Something I regret, but totally understand.  My decision sees such joy, everyday, as it uniquely helps this community and so many families across the country.

So trusting life (as I do), surprisingly Holly & Co has given me this opportunity to help lots of children and allow their happiness/guidance to be something I can contribute to! Who would have thought – the ‘mum’ on the high-street!

There are so many things we at Holly & Co can do – a programme of events for 10-13yr old and 14-17yr olds to come and chat through ‘who they are’. We are designing something unique which involves psychology/coaching and creativity. Bringing a group together to do something creative, whilst talking through the deeper thoughts of who they are. What really interests them and where they’d like to end up. Outside the ‘home’ environment and off the ‘tech’, a chance for us to inspire them, show them the road less travelled, entrepreneurship and happiness. Maybe offer a rotating Saturday job – so they can get their hands dirty and pick up some glitter along the way! It makes you realise, we can all help with the plight to help our precious children.

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