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Permission marketing (what’s what all this GDPR stuff is about!) allows consumers to choose whether or not to be subjected to marketing a company sends out. No doubt your inbox has been like mine and full of emails. But, it’s interesting. I found myself really thinking about the companies that were emailing me and if I wanted to hear from them again. It meant I actually thought about life without them and made a choice. So, as a business, if I clicked ‘I’d love to hear from you’ it meant that I’d internally gone through a little survey and that brand had won my vote. For the business that asked me, this will mean better engagement from me – the customer. It improves the odds that I’ll pay more attention to the marketing message; encouraging me to engage in a long-standing, cooperative relationship. Ultimately if you have a very low open or conversion rate through your emails it’s no great loss and you get to clear up that data base you email. If you have high engagement and conversion, chances are that everyone will want to keep in touch I have to say though, I’ve been disappointed with the lack of creativity in 90% of all emails I received. I thought it was a chance to at least have some fun! From today, there’ll be no more subject lines entitled GDPR – thank the lord. But, seeing as we’re talking about it right now, I do hope those who have signed up to our Friday newsletter, accepted my invitation to stay in contact! And if not and using your freewill, I’d love you to sign-up! You can do so, on our homepage. Fair long GDPR, it was great to know you and those I’m staying in touch with – hello again!

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