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gender pay gap

The gender pay gap

After a month of celebrating women and feminism, I didn’t think I would need to highlight issues solely related to women so soon! But as of today, all companies with a minimum of 250 employees will need to declare their gender pay gap.

Let’s deal with facts first – picture this. Randomly line up 100 women in the UK ?? and line them up in order of who earns the most per hr, regardless of hrs worked. Now do exactly the same with men ??and get them to face each other. If I walked down the line and turned to the 50th female and male – she’d earn 18.4% less than him. That’s £2.52 per hour! This is equivalent to a woman in a 9-5 sort of role, leaving work at 3.34 everyday – if she wanted to take the 18.4% literally! If I then did the same lineup, with only full time male and female workers, the median difference would be 9.1% and £1.32 per hour less. If I walked up this same line, to the lady standing in eleventh place, she’d be earning 18.2% less – a staggering £5.68 per hr less than the man looking at her.

I don’t know about you, but I have had this in my career. Where a man did the same job as I, and he was earning more than double to what I was on! How does this make us feel? If a man has more experience than you, is better qualified and delivers amazingly – of course he should be paid more. Same goes for a women over a man, in that situation. But, when you look at these stats and the fact it’s been illegal for 47 yrs to pay a woman less than a man, for work of an equivalent value – it’s jaw droppingly shocking. My thoughts ? ? The more this business landscape gets flooded with small businesses – the better. The fact that 40% of this working population will be freelance by 2020….things are going to change. I personally don’t know of a small business, where they pay their women or men, less than each other. It wouldn’t occur to them. And so as the saying goes ‘from little acorns, do mighty oaks grow’ ? – with the news today and ‘small’ on the up, things will change, thanks to all us acorns out there.

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