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The ‘Home’ And The ‘Work’ Versions Of people.

This might sound like the obvious, but from chatting to my wonderful podcast guests I’ve realised it’s actually far from it. So many people seem to have two personas – the ‘home’ and the ‘work’ versions of themselves.
I encourage my team to bring their full selves to work, and each founder or entrepreneur I’m lucky enough to chat to on the podcast agrees with this sentiment. If someone isn’t bringing their whole self to work it can limit their passion, creativity and happiness, and actually can impact the team’s morale! And what’s more, just think what skills, personality and experience they might be leaving at home which could add so much value to the workplace, if only they knew it was not only okay to show them, but wanted! I hope that bringing the stories of inspiring entrepreneurs, like Rita on this podcast will help open up this conversation and encourage businesses and individuals to do away with the ‘work self’ mentality and bring their ‘whole, happy selves’ along for the ride.
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