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The Japanese art of Kintsugi

It’s a real moment when you see your Instagram feed flooded by all of these wonderful posts about mental health. From those who suffer or from the people who are around people who are battling. I’m so happy that finally, we can have an open dialogue about it all. I know we’re not there yet, but it’s a great start when I think about Harry’s future and how it will utterly won’t be a ‘taboo’ subject. In my life, one way I help those around me is by talking about the Japanese art of Kintsugi. Where all our flaws, physical and mental, can be seen as an object that’s broken or been cracked. In Japan, they look at these cracks and they fill them with pure gold. They believe the more broken, the more scars and the more cracks- the more beautiful the object is. Telling a story that is far more soulful and meaningful than our higher moments. So this post on ‘Mental Health Day 2018’ is dedicated to all those who are battling, but also to all who are the scaffolding in these people’s lives.

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