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the launch of our second beautiful dwelling

Crazy to think that two years ago, I was opening up my first shop and now we’re thrilled to announce the launch of our second beautiful dwelling. Cutting that ribbon with my nearest and dearest will be a life long treasure.

Think ‘modern-day community centre’, allowing all to shop in our deli that stocks now over 120 different small businesses, hire our three different rooms for their small business meetings or events, drink beautiful spirits and wines in our ‘Artist Bar’ made from only small producers and eat the most delicious food made by two wonderful chefs. It’s a place to allow all to celebrate why shopping independent matters. To shine a light on how buying and stocking small businesses products, literally will change a community. Changes lives.
It’s taken a year to go from thinking of chatting to our neighbour about if her plans were serious to sell, to today. So much hard work (like crazy kinds and amounts), but I can honestly say the team and the town are buzzing. The atmosphere is electric and every square inch of floor and air, filled with happiness. I’d say that’s a good day’s work complete, now on to building the next (joke!) So hope to welcome you all to our new little home – you are all so welcome X

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