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The Midnight Makers

Last year, I wrote a post about the ‘Midnight Makers’; the secret army of people who burn the candle at both ends. The ones who use the night to grow, while others sleep. This is a shout out to all who are reading this post and yet are still in the thick of it. I know there are many of you. I thought it might be helpful to share some tips that I collected from the community previously. Sometimes, it takes hearing advice from others walking the same path, to really hit home:

  • Switch modes: Turn your brain onto to the ‘essential function only’ setting. This is not just to preserve energy, but it might blind you from the sheer madness of being awake and sober at 2am!
  • Nutrition: Eat the right food. You know it makes sense. (Who are we kidding! It’s 3:30am and so the only source of sustenance that’s possibly going to satisfy at this hour, are odd flavoured crisps, any type of chocolate, and fizzy drinks!)
  • Hydrate: Drinking lots and lots of water is by far the absolute number one shared tip. It’s hard to be high functioning when you are symptomatically dehydrated.
  • Caffeine: Remember, just like with your day shift, caffeinating during the second half of your shift reduces your chance of sleeping when you get home. Plan your caffeine!
  • Get Flux: No, I’m not telling you to f*ck off! Flux is an amazing tool that warms your computer display to replicate natural light. Banish the blue and save your eyes!
  • Tunes: Put some Beyonce on! Queen solves everything.
  • Tick Tick off: Take off the clock on your laptop/computer, as ­it only reminds you how late you are working. Sometimes you can get negatively obsessed with time.

Remember the gang: You’re not alone! Think of all the other Small Business Elves working tonight. Take a moment to look at the hashtag #nightshift and see how there are so many of you out there, working away. I’ve invented and christen you all, the #midnightmakers. These will be the hardest days of the year, and the darkest hours, but there will be light soon. Just keep going ♥️xx

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