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The Next Generation

It’s only when you see it being ‘played out’ right in front of you, do you witness first hand the effect you’ve had on your children if you run a business.

As I’ve mentioned before, by working the way we do, we tend to concentrate on the damage we feel we’re creating in our children’s lives. Torturing ourselves by the constant internal dialogue on how we’re going to make things better and what the new plan is to stop feeling like we’re neglecting them – basically how are we going to become better parents.

The truth is, kids adapt and they only know what they know. Quality of time is better than quantity. The fact ‘being a good parent’ weighs heavily on our minds – means by default, we’re already good parents. We just don’t speak about this enough – the invisible stuff.

What our children observe and how they absorb ‘possibility’ – is only a good thing.

Their sponge is soaking up so many positive lessons in life and the world of ‘work’ – surely this will only serve them well in the future. A positive attitude, thinking outside the box, self discipline, hard work, responsibility, creativity, entrepreneurial spirit and so many more qualities come from being surrounded by you and your business. My goodness, if we could enrol our kids into an after school club giving them these skills, wouldn’t you sign them up ASAP?

So, when I found Harry this morning not only designing his range of dinosaur lights for boys aged 10+, but also looking at his costs, manufacturing options and marketing – it made me smile from ear to ear. I firmly believe that I did that. For all the things I’ve felt I’ve done wrong in this parenting chapter of life, I know I’ve done this bit right!

Here’s a boy who’s woken up so excited about an idea, that he’s disciplined himself to sit down and break down the idea and find solutions. Not just draw the pics and work out how much money he’s going to make (!), he’s willing to tackle all the other things too.

He’s learned that nothing comes ‘easy’ and I’m very proud that he knows this and feels it everyday.

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