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The Office

I spent the last decade sitting in an office being asked (far too often) the same question about ‘where’ I worked? I used to get tired of this. Not because I had an issue with working from home (far from it). I took issue because I knew the journalist assumed that as a woman creating a business that felt rather ‘girly’, I’d obviously be working from home! I’d quickly remind them that we had 20, 60, 150 people and no, they didn’t all sit in my living room!

The phone would go silent followed by a little coughing and throat clearing as they realised what they’d implied.

So here I am, ‘working from home’, (when not at NOTHS HQ) and enjoying every minute of it. It took some getting used to (being honest) but now I’m in the swing of it – I love it. Able to be as creative as I want, type the first hours of emails in PJs and when things are really busy, have the amazing ability to go from ‘bed to desk’ in 10 seconds! I love that I’m around to say hello to Harry when he comes home from school and can just generally ‘be there’ a little more.

Things might change again in the future but I’ve reconnected with my home. A home and child that I barely saw for 10 years. I actually feel like I can call myself the ‘woman’ of the house now.

I’ve seen so many amazing pics of small businesses and where they create. From home offices, to sheds, to cupboards under the stairs. Such an important part of the DNA of a business is where the company grew up. Where it learnt to walk and talk! So I share where I’ve launched and would love to hear more about your special environments?

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