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The Only Thing You Have Control Over Is Yourself

A common thread in nearly all small business founders I speak to and that has come up time and time again over the past few days here in Edinburgh, is that they started their businesses because they had to create something they needed – and on that basis hoped others might need too! So they took action and filled a gap in the market, taking matters into their own hands.
And on the podcast this week as I chatted to Owen and he told the story of his life, a life that’s been challenging by any measures, what shone so clearly for me was his ability to accept impermanence. Knowing that life will be filled with many phases but learning how to live within each one, getting the most you can from it, learning and growing.
The two examples here both conclude to the same thing for me – that you can control pretty much one thing in life… your own actions. And I think that’s something so many people don’t quite believe. Many people are waiting for this or that to happen, or for a certain ‘time’ to finally act on their dreams – whether that’s starting your own business, moving house or going travelling ? for six months – we all have our ‘one day’ dreams that we for some reason feel aren’t within our power to create. But, for the most part, the only way those dreams will become a reality it to ACT and stop waiting!
They won’t happen over night but if you don’t start proactively working towards them NOW, then it’s pretty bloody likely they won’t happen at all. Yet I know so many with a dream will read this and still not take action…I ask you …what’s holding you back? I’d love to know and see if there’s any common things we can tackle, together?

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