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“The Outdated View Of Being A Bully Who Tramples On People To Succeed Is Dying”

There’s a movement happening, perhaps quite subtly, but the wheels are most definitely in motion and coming off this outdated dog-eat dog-business ways. Using others as stepping stones and throwing peers under the bus for your own benefit are fading and definitely are becoming an outdated way we think business has to be conducted.
A favourite phrase of J.F.K. comes to mind; ‘a rising tide lifts all boats’. A place where this is so clearly apparent is the British High Street. Independent areas that thrive have a true community who are connected and care about each other. From the shop owners to the customers – they know that working together to improve their area will ultimately result is a bigger pie to have a piece of!
And it’s happening online in abundance too! Through the power of social media small business owners are more connected than they’ve ever been. Many working on their own from their spare room, or in remote parts of the country with a small but powerful team hidden away in a studio, yet they’re talking to, sharing and supporting their fellow makers every day by liking, sharing and commenting on their posts.
This is the colourful world of business I live to help create!! Not the cookie cutter suited and booted at the top of their grey towers chasing the £££. But the plethora of innovative individuals who are using their businesses to do good in the world and to build lives doing what they love. Ahmen Alex Monroe!

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