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The power of a to do list

If you run a small business, the chances are your head is full of approximately 10,000 things that need actioning at any given time. Throw a family, friends, paying bills, the shopping, washing, the MOT, that school trip you promised you’d go on, and a long, long overdue trip to the hairdressers (because, let’s be honest, when do we ever put ourselves first?!), that number triples and things can get a little bit out of hand.

You begin to feel listless (that is, totally and utterly knackered, and completely unenthusiastic about everything), so even starting that mammoth mountain of tasks feels futile.

Allow me to share what I feel, is a silver bullet – a simple to do list. I absolutely love them and couldn’t start my day without one. I write mine just before I go to bed, so that when I wake up the next day, I know exactly what I need to focus my energy on. I prioritise tasks by importance, and try to set out timelines for actioning them. The power of this little list, is that it gives you the kick to tackle things you’ve been putting off; whether it’s a phone call you need to have, an email you need to reply to, a meeting you keep putting off, or just something trivial that keeps slipping your mind, your list will keep things in check and you’ll feel so much better for working through it.

There is nothing more gratifying than crossing off things you’ve accomplished, no matter how big or small! Or sometimes even writing down things you’ve already done, just because you love to check them off! Just me? 

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