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The Power of the Like

In our personal lives, we’re familiar with using ‘likes’ as a means of showing our appreciation, gratitude or even good manners. We like posts by long-forgotten school friends, embarrassing family members and celebrities, but what does a ‘like’ convey for a small business?

In psychological terms, liking something is a virtual form of acknowledgement and empathy. You’re essentially saying “I’m here, I see, I understand.” The significance of being ‘liked’ means that someone has taken the time to show interest in you.

In a crowded market, it’s hard to cut through the noise and connect meaningfully with potential customers online. In a world where you can buy items on Amazon and have them delivered in an hour, demonstrating just how ‘likeable’ you are as a small business is key. Whilst it’s great to see your page likes mount up, it’s important to showcase the person behind the products. Here are some characteristics of ‘likeable’ businesses:

  • Likes = relationships: Think of each like as a new relationship with a potential customer. Just as there’s a person behind the product, there’s a person behind the statistic.

  • Engage: Communicate with your audience, new and old. Take the time to reply to questions and thank people for their reviews, comments or photos. The more you grow to understand your audience, the more you can anticipate their wants and needs.

  • Content: Think about creating a content calendar for your business so that your audience sees you’re active on social media. Photos and videos are a great way of showcasing your latest work, your space or even images of you. According to AdWeek, 81% of consumers research a company on social before making a purchase, so make sure that they get an up-to-date feel for you and your products if they do!

  • Be yourself: Ultimately, people are buying into you and your creations – your tone of voice and style of messaging is what will set you aside from the wholesale platforms out there.

No matter how many likes you have, I hope these tips are helpful to you in continuing to grow your social media presence. Thumbs up

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