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The Small Business Toolbox

If you opened the toolbox of a small business, this is what you’d find:

  • Thrive in Uncertainty Hammer: A big business wouldn’t last 2 seconds in the uncertainty surrounding small enterprises. To be able to cope with no orders or orders that break the ship. From staff in harmony, to missing gaps all over the org chart! It’s the most remarkable attribute to navigate waters with no compass.

  • Fighter Wrench: You’d never come between a mother lion and her cub, and god help the person who comes between a founder and their company. Your fighter instinct is what makes the difference between you winning and someone else losing. It’s a quality that keeps the machine running, when everything is set against your success. So never apologise for your glittery boxing gloves!

  • Tenacity Drill: The determination to see things through, is a quality all successful entrepreneurs share. Surviving downturns, rough patches and shit storms through sheer persistence and tenacity. When the going gets tough, the tough entrepreneur in you gets going.

  • Pack of Energy Nails: It’s almost super human how your energy seems to keep coming. You’re on your knees by the end of the day, with half the sleep every night and up earlier than ever, and yet, you still can pull off the ‘duracell battery’ status. Not just once, but on a continual groundhog day existence.

  • U Turn Scalpel: Due to your total lack of ego and an ability to admit to mistakes you’ve made, founders of businesses have one of the greatest gifts in business – agility. If something doesn’t work, you can scrap it and walk away. This takes such strength of character and courage.

  • Resourcefulness Saw: It’s one of the greatest compliments and it’s what other’s envy. The ability to bend the rule book, look for common ground to enthuse others, play different hands at once, ask for what is really needed and live by the rule that it’s easier to get forgiveness, than ask for permission!

I’m sure if this was available to buy, it’d be a best seller! But it’s not. It’s a limited edition, hard to find and exclusive combination that you can only get your hands on, if you’re lucky enough to be born with it.

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