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The Taxonomy of Creative Design

Creativity is the key to success.

Whatever way you look at it, if you’re not driving creativity, you will, without fail – fall on rocky times.

Solutions please Holly?! It’s such a hard subject to talk about and assess. Creativity by very nature, is personal, specific to a business and brand. But over time I hope to talk about this subject enough, that we can all get some sort of guidelines, or at least, thoughts that provoke us all evaluating and critiquing what we’re producing.

To start, I found this really useful. Pretty obvious, but it had me thinking. What if I had to evaluate everything we’re doing and honestly assign one of these words? Clever bods call this The Taxonomy of Creative Design: 

  • Imitation: Is the creation the same or virtually the same as something that already exists.

  • Variation: Is it a slight change to an existing object, such that it is different, but still retains the identity of the original object.

  • Combination: Is it a mixture of two or more things, such that it can be said to be both or all.

  • Transformation: Is it a re-creation of something in a new context, such that it has some characteristics of the original object, but it cannot be said to still be that kind of object.

  • Original Creation: It appears to have no discernible qualities of pre-existing objects or ideas.

So if you have a hard look at what you create or the ideas that are bubbling, what word would you assign? Remember ‘transformation and original creation’ is utopia and everything you’re about. That’s the place where the soul gets covered in gold.

It’s hard, not often and takes a perfect storm, but when we manage it – what a glorious moment!

‘Creativity is hard to measure’ tape measure by Vinegar and Brown Paper.

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