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“The World Needs Who You Were Exactly Meant To Be”

“The World Needs Who You Were Exactly Meant To Be” – I think this is exactly what I see, as the fundamental magical ingredient to any business.
All brilliant businesses, have a brilliant founder and guess what, that’s not some sort of fluke! That brilliant founder makes the business incredible because that person found and understood exactly who they were in this world, and what they had to give.
Whenever I meet a business owner, or someone dreaming, I find myself always checking (I think it might be subconsciously wired to do this now!) that they know why they are magical and do I think that they’ve used that to power their business and purpose. I search for that diamond and make sure, they understand the supercharged ingredient which they are and that it’s fully charging their enterprise.
Every time I see a smart, clever, creative business that has me saying “OMG I LOVE THIS” and gets me all shuffly on my chair with energy – it’s because that founder knows who, and what, they are on this planet to do. They are utterly shining bright with ‘self’ and it’s glorious to experience, watch and discover.

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