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There is no rainbow without the rain

Whatever your week looks like, or looked like, remember you’re on a very unique and glorious journey.

A trip of self exploration and soul searching. Making a living, whilst discovering your strengths and tripping over your weaknesses. Often crumbling, as you manage to climb. It’s a path you’ve chosen, not because it’s easy, but because it’s what makes you shine from your insides. Your sense of ‘fullness’ is not matched by anything else.

So, take this week in your stride, or recover from the last, but whatever time is going to serve on your small business plate, remember this:

There is no dawn without a night

There is no victory without a fight

There is no happiness without there first being pain…

There is no rainbow without the rain

Grab your sunscreen or umbrella and go make sure people know who and why you’re doing what you’re doing.

The rainbow you create through all you go through and all you do, is cherished far more than you realise.

Believe this. We all want lots more and thank you for the colour you bring into our lives.

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