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Time Is Precious

I often come up against those who don’t find this easy… ‘to live as if each day might be your last’. Promise you that I’m not some crazy happy person, where nothing is a problem. And I promise you that I don’t just forgive and forget. But, between us, I honestly wake up every day and thank my lucky stars I get to be me, in my life, with all I have, do what I do and how much worse everything could be. Now, for some, this means I don’t blame enough, I’m too soft, I look for the ‘solution’ far too quickly and I’m too happy to just go with the fact that shit happens but it’s what you then do that counts.

You see on my 40th birthday, because I have quite a bit of ‘left brain’ in me, I calculated (so I could be efficient with my time and attitude) how many days I had left on the planet. I worked out roughly we have about 29,000 days (god willing) and so after a few simple calculations – and now updated because I’m just 42 – I have just 13,670 days left and counting. This did the opposite of upset me, it stopped me wasting a moment. It sharpened the mind and stopped ‘time’ being taken for granted. Not that long, or is it? As I’m not retiring till I am 90, it means that I have more working days ahead of me than have passed. I’ve all the time to make even more impact on what matters to me than I’ve had. When you think that this works out to being 218,720 awake hours, that’s so much time that I’ve no idea what I’m going to do with it! That I roughly have a whole ‘half a life’ still to change the world!

What I do know, is that I will always live as if every hour counts. I promise I will try and help people see that everyday is a blessing. That if you’re not happy doing what you do, you have to change it. And that each moment and situation (good or bad) we go through, you learn and grow from.
I feel it’s a blessing that I look at my life like this, and I know some find it hard. But, if you’ve tried and found it difficult, please keep trying. And if you’ve never thought this way – it might just be life-changing❤️

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