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Titles cheerleader


I’ve been through many titles over the years, but nothing has felt completely the right fit. Sure, there were the acronyms that were grand, well paid and respected by grey people. They fitted and felt good. But, I wonder if they felt so comfortable due to the insecurities now having a title of such merit to fight with, and let’s not forget, the ego had a playmate now and again!

Then there are those you make up, to inspire and buck the trend of corporate life. They feel good too, but take time to explain to those who haven’t raised their eyes to the ceiling and walked away! I thought I’d try another one on and see how this one feels.

Simple, to the point, non hierarchal or contained, but boy, full of such power. A title, that quite possibly, might fit me for life and allow me to change the world – what do you think? X

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