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‘Top Gun’ List

I love a good old fresh start, as they can be whenever you decide them to be! And certainly, with the sun  shining over the last 4 days, for anyone who hasn’t left our shores it feels like we have and for those who are currently reminiscing of their special time away – there’s no better time to restart, than now!
We have roughly 11 weeks until the never-ending summer holidays start. It seems like a while now, but if you run your own business, basically you know that Easter  is just a warm up act to Summer when it comes to juggling the family… and really Summer is best written off to a certain extent. Which means you should think about these 11 weeks as a run up to September. What do you need to achieve before the last quarter of the year? The time where you probably take 80% of the profit? Have you organised your thoughts  from last Christmas? Last Father’s Day? These 11 weeks, if you focus, can be the biggest gift your business has ever had. It’s how you organise yourself to gain the maximum out of yourself and your teams.
So, today I’ll be planning with a military hat on! Post-It notes  will be my middle name. The team and I will recap on what I’m calling ‘The Next Era’ where we get up to date with the business strategy and then from that, we’ll create what we call our ‘Top Gun’ list. Named Top Gun, as it was around launch and we were (let’s be honest) delirious and we decided we needed a name that represented hardcore efficiency! It has also allowed us to create spin-off phrases such as ‘illegal fly-bys’! This is where you just come up to someone and start talking, even if they’re in the middle of something! Naming your work, your meetings, your processes with fun and creative names – has to be done! You don’t work in a corporate, do you? Then don’t behave as if you do… have fun as it really helps engage everyone!
Wishing you all a Post-It day ahead! XX

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