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Trust in the Universe

Isn’t it amazing how one week can change everything? There I was last Sunday pouring my heart out. Not knowing what to expect; wincing at the thought to be honest. This inbound of positivity and strength was so touching?. It built a boat of courage, that I climbed aboard and I’ve not looked back. I sailed this week on waters that were definitely not calm, but I just had a different perspective on things. Standing at the helm, with my head high – I felt the creative wind in my hair. The beauty in what we’re creating and it made my heart smile. Being able to be safe in this boat of love, meant that not only was I able to see the near future, but it restored my faith in the lands I can not yet see. It made me realise that I was an explorer and I was heading in the right direction. To bring promise land to the people I believe in.


  1. Jane Hughes

    Really beautiful ............. What poetry and meaning It has inspired me "Thank you"

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