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Trusting your Instinct

I’ve met so many people in my life who’ve had a burning desire to quit their jobs and follow their intuition. People who’ve had a calling, or an instinct about what they should be doing, but were too scared to follow it. For some, that feeling wasn’t enough; it wasn’t based on anything factual or scientific, it was merely a sense they had.

For me, instinct is one of the most powerful weapons in my arsenal. It’s a muscle that I work at every day. A situation arose in my life not long ago, that forced me to ask myself what I’d do if I allowed my intuition to rule, and so I let it. It was a complete a breakthrough moment, and I don’t think I’ve walked the planet in the same way since. It gave me a sense of freedom I didn’t think possible.

It allowed me to hone in on people I knew my instinct trusted. It gave me what felt like superpowers to talk the truth and to concentrate on what mattered. My instinct makes me the most full version of myself that I possibly can be, and so I let it guide me in all areas of my life.

But what is instinct, and why should we trust it? A few thoughts:

Your intuition is shaped by your past experiences, and the knowledge which you gained from them. It connects your body, mind, and spirit, and how those three elements have digested everything from your past. It’s an interconnected web of fact and feeling which makes you feel excited and nervous about a new challenge if it’s right, or deflated and terrified if it’s wrong

Your intuition connects you with all the nerve cells in your body, and so when you get a signal, you feel it with your whole self! ‘Gut feeling’ and ‘butterflies’ are perfect examples of this.

Make no mistake, your instinct is a tool that can be honed. The more attention you give it, the more powerful and accurate it will become. Try to make time in your life to reflect and relax, as when our minds are quiet, it can help your instinct shout a little louder.

Learn to trust your gut and open up a world of positivity and possibilities – I guarantee you won’t look back.

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