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Unlocking Success

It takes a frantic week where things don’t seem to be as steady or as focused as they should, to make me stop and evaluate. The most successful people I know have no issue in self evaluating. They’ll check under the hood, run the engine, check the oil and will without a doubt spot a wire in the wrong place. By finding something’s ‘up’ each time they look, gives them faith in this MOT exercise.

You already have the innate ability to unlock the power of you. All you need are the keys. Here are a few thoughts that might help;

  • Focus on your strengths: Are you doing things that aren’t bringing the best out of you? Focus on where you’re naturally good and have the potential to become great. Design a world where you spend a lot less time doing things you’re not designed for. Can you get someone else to help?
  • Today: One of my favourite sayings “Yesterday ended last night.” Whether yesterday was good or bad, it doesn’t matter. It’s over. Don’t let what’s happened effect how you move forward. Draw lines and focus on not letting past events muddy today or future plans.
  • Priorities: Protect your calendar! Your daily calendar can end up being controlled by others. Lack of prioritisation, not lack of time, is the problem. We all have 24-hour days. Start taking things out the diary and prioritise your priorities.
  • The W questions: It’s easy to become tired or frustrated. When you start to feel aimless, start asking yourself loads of ‘W’ questions. What am I working for? Why am I trying to achieve it? Why does it matter? What is making me unhappy?
  • Contribute: The best version of you will shine when you decide to use your potential to make the world a better place. Be it designing, writing, helping or making- whatever it is, make a difference. You’re put on this earth to be the greatest version of you. Be bold.

It’s all about unlocking the success in you. Conduct a MOT daily, weekly or whenever you seem to feel the ‘steering’ becomes loose. It might be the key. Do share ways in which you’ve unlocked your success? Any questions you would add to the MOT?

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