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Unsoulful commutes

Did you know, over half of UK workers will look to increase the amount of time spent working flexibly in 2017, as train strikes, delays and rising transport costs have combined to put more people of commuting than ever? A record 241,932 trains (the equivalent of almost 700 services a day) were affected in 2016-17.

So often small businesses will nearly always say that their commute played a part in quitting the day job. That sweaty armpits in the face, cancellations for no reason, sardine packed carriages, all rolled into the same mind numbing daily journey. Surely things should have progressed from the Reginald Perrin commutes of the 70’s!

Studies have even shown that it’s simply just not good for you. In-depth studies of commuters found that, in general, most are less satisfied with life, are less happy, and have higher anxiety than those who don’t commute.

We’re all very lucky here at Holly & Co, in that the team now live within walking distance to the office. Some of us used to do very long commutes and now say that the lack of this torturous ritual has completely changed their world for the better.

To those frustrated with their journeys, I always ask – how much would you give away of your salary, if it meant you didn’t have to have that sweaty arm pit in your face in the morning? 

So spare a thought for those who haven’t yet taken the small business plunge – perhaps they’re our friends and other halves who might support us, who have the evening commute ahead… We promise to have a cold G&T waiting! 

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