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The power of Visualisation

Ready to learn something new? Several studies have shown the brain doesn’t differentiate between a real memory and an imagined or visualised one! YES! This means when you imagine something vividly and with emotion, your brain chemistry changes as though the experience was real, and records it as a real memory! This means we can LITERALLY use visualisation to overcome fear or build self-confidence for instance, by “making the unknown known”.

Visualisation also communicates what to focus on, to the mind. It’s sort of like your inner GPS. It starts to ignore the shitty lanes left and right and concentrates on only the roads that lead you to your goal/dream – that you visualised! That means though, like any GPS, you must program it and you guessed it, the best way to programing it – visualising your goals! “Okay, Holly, how the fuck does one visualise?!” Glad you asked – here are 5 steps!

1. Close your eyes and set an intention: mentally say what you want to achieve (your goal) in an affirmation.

2. Imagine the situation or future event you would like to work on. Make the scene as real as you can, like a simulation, using all 5 senses.

3. The more vividly you can imagine the scene, the better it will be recorded in your mind as a “memory”.

4. Always incorporate strong positive emotions. This is key! Without strong emotion, the event visualised won’t seem real enough to be recorded as a memory.

5. Repeat the process often! Try to visualise daily!

My biggest tip – create the vision on a Blue Peter Pritt Stick mood board! Create what your mind pictures and whenever you can, stop and look at it and replay the whole vision. Feel it with all your senses and when you feel confident start to gradually add delicious details to it. This is where the magic happens and when you know it’s going to one day be real – when you’re able to not spend the time creating the original vision, but you start finessing it! Now run…go try it, and tell me how it goes!

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