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Holly & Co Gift Voucher

Vote With Your Money…Vote For The World You Want To Live IN.

Was thinking the other day about something Jo Wicks said on our podcast about how he supported an independent restaurant consciously, as he normally would walk to a chain. He let people know on social media what he was doing and, from this publicity, he stopped a small restaurant that was about to maybe go out of business and turned it around so they had a 3 month waiting list! Now, we don’t all have huge followings like Joe, but we do ALL have the power to change the lives of small businesses and independents – by voting with our money.  Simple as that, when you spend any money ask yourself “could I walk a little further or wait a little longer so that I can help a small business?” Imagine what you spend in a week and if you spent just 50% of that consciously with a business who needs you? Imagine if everyone reading this post did exactly that…can you see the impact? I can! And yes, ‘small’ can be more expensive, that’s because it’s quality, ethical, good for you, creative, unique, handmade with loveit’s NOT because there are huge margins in what they’re selling and that the business owner is secretly saving up for a yacht! VOTE WITH YOUR MONEY EVERYONE…VOTE FOR THE TYPE OF WORLD YOU WANT TO LIVE IN

Thank you @alicegabb for creating the Holly & Co gift voucher. Amazing little wooden coins, in their own pouches for denominations of £10 – how beautiful are these!

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