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Vote with your money and shop small

It’s here, the inboxes are flooding with discount emails and I actually wonder what I think? I used to despise Black Friday, as I think it’s totally fucked Christmas retail and has made the whole shopping period later and later, thanks to everyone holding out for ‘that’ discount. I also don’t like training customers to think it’s the discount that makes the purchase decision and not any other attributes.
So I still really dislike the conditioning this US-inspired idea has had on everyone, but as time goes on, I recognise that any business who’s already walked down this path in past years, now needs to keep it up. That the ‘general’ public are supporting the ‘discount’ message and so, businesses are sort of hooked.
My dream is that a group of retailers (of which there is now a growing number) refuse to be part of this whole frenzy. They stand up and reject it enough that the rest of the industry starts to pull together, and together, we banish it!
I fear, this will not happen for a while and so in the meantime, if you’re spending your hard earnt money this Black Friday, vote small.
There are so many small businesses who need you. I’ve also just seen that my first business child Notonthehighstreet (who obviously supports 5000 small businesses) has a Black Friday sale with up to 50% off. Spend with your hearts, this Black Friday

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