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Warhol Wisdom

When you look around, watch the ads on TV, see the high street blend into one big blob of grey, do you question what is going on? More and more is turning into the predictable. The ‘well of course they were going to do that’ scenario is common. It is extraordinary though how much light, colour, talent and total ‘eureka’ is out there but never seems to dominate.

Unfortunately we live in a left brained world based on logic and analytics, where most people have forgotten how to exercise the right side; the side that taps into creativity, empathy and imagination. People have lost the ability to suppress the logical side and what is already there or created and concentrating on ‘the non obvious’.

Seeing edges on lines, spaces and their relationships, light and shade and the ability to then be able to pull that into something whole – never seen or created before. I call this my ‘skip beat’ moment. The moment I’m going through all the options (left side of brain in full swing) and then I force myself to think of opposites, to think what is in-between the lines, so to speak.

My brain runs and runs and then suddenly I have a feeling outside of my brain and it’s in my heart. I’m sure my heart skips a beat. More than likely if you are reading this you utterly understand and know exactly what I am talking about. Unfortunately I feel we are a force that has not yet had its day of reckoning!

I can’t wait for a new era. I think it’s in our lifetime. I’m certainly going to do all I can to make it happen. By the way, that’s an Andy Warhol quote, of course!

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