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Ways To Support Small Business

Is it just me, or is January about 300 days long?! I just wanted to remind you all that shopping small, supporting small is not just for Christmas! That there are so many ways to show a small business your support – ALL YEAR, that don’t cost a penny!

So, when you don’t feel able to purchase from a small business, or if you’re trying to buy less, here are some of the ways to share the love and support independent:

  • Comment, like or share their social media posts
  • Leave them a review or testimonial
  • Enter and share their competitions
  • Share their business with others, word of mouth is invaluable!
  • Ask your friends and family to give you the ultimate gift by shopping from small businesses for Christmas, birthdays and occasions
  • Post a pic and tag them when you have their products
  • Share their post to your stories
  • Save the products that you know would make great gifts for your loved ones and go back to buy them when you can!

Now go out there and spread the love!

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