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We all have a story to tell

I found myself being asked to tell a story again last night, one I knew the recipient had heard many a time, but almost childlike, she wanted to hear it again. I woke up this morning and thought how interesting that was. She wanted to hear it, as it did something for her. It cemented her own beliefs and made her feel like there was hope.

I have many stories and it’s funny, now I think about it, how I’m asked quite often to tell a story again. Or when people are in my company and I’m telling one of my stories, they’re not exasperated, but can be heard saying – Ohhhh, I love this one! I’ve realised that humans live in a storm of stories. We live in stories all day long, and dream in stories all night long. We communicate through stories and learn from them. We cuddle into stories after a long day at work. Without life stories how would we organise our experiences. Man is the storytelling animal.

So when I think of the ‘opportunity’ in storytelling (especially when it comes to your own enterprise), it’s endless. Even though it’s the oldest thing known to mankind, it’s also the most modern thinking you can adopt. Intrusive, interruptive, self-centered marketing no longer works the way it once did, and its effectiveness will only continue to diminish in the social age.

The question is what will replace the legacy model. There’s a one-word answer: stories.” Story is the answer for two reasons, both of them backed by compelling science. First, because people are naturally greedy for stories, they have a unique ability to seize and rivet our attention. Second, stories aren’t just fun escapism—they have an almost spooky ability to mould our thinking and behavior” said Scott Donaton, who’s a Chief Content Officer.

If you do one thing today, think about what your story is. The real story of you and your business. Go to your ‘about us’ and re write it. Write it so people hear the real story of you. Your feelings, your lows and your highs and why you have depth and are worth remembering.

Do you agree? Will you be happy story typing today?

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